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Origin of Morchard Bishop

Morchard’s name reflects its long history; originally called ‘Morchet’ from the Celtic words ‘mor’ [big/great] and ‘coed’ [wood]. Centuries later it was sold to the Bishop of Exeter giving rise to the name Morchet Episcopi, which became Bishop’s Morchard and relatively recently Morchard Bishop. The majority of the village remained under the ownership of the Bishop of Exeter until 1908 when Tatepath Farm, The London Inn (then known as the London Hotel), 49 houses/cottages and various parcels of land were auctioned off. Read more.

Industry in Morchard

This division of the landscape originates from the C14 th and C15 th land enclosures that led to the creation of many small (primarily dairy) farms and small hamlets. This produced a class of landless labourers who were dependent on wages.

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Latest News

40th Annual Flower & Produce Show, September 7th 2019

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